Mary Morris - VP, Client Services

Mary is renowned throughout marketing circles as a multi-tasking marvel, balancing countless responsibilities without a flicker of stress, and managing it all with a smile on her face and usually, a smart phone at her ear. What makes her so great? Clients would say it’s her high-energy personality, can-do confidence and super quick wit. Her fan club at SMS would agree, but knows there’s a little more to the story. Before Mary became Vice President of Client Services at SMS, she spent years in advertising and marketing on both the client and agency side, leading the account teams for Xerox, Toshiba, Nissan and Hilton Hotels Corporation, just to name a few. So aside from having more energy than a pot of espresso, she also has an enviable career background, is exceptionally dedicated to her clients and, at the core, is simply amazing at her job.

At SMS, Mary knocks it out of the park daily. She has the uncanny ability to become attuned to every client in record time—interpreting their visions, anticipating their preferences and ultimately forming the kind of stable, mutually beneficial partnerships that keep SMS thriving. Her enthusiasm and drive motivate her account team to be just as passionate and dedicated, leading to the kind of work that not only makes her clients happy, but earns industry accolades along the way. That’s what a great team can do, and what a great leader can inspire.

Mary Morris