John Snook - Executive VP

Between the U.K. and the U.S., John has garnered a few decades worth of serious production, sales and management experience. After selling his own paper merchant company in the U.K., he joined SMS in 1994 to steward the finance, production and creative departments. Like all SMS executives, John wears many hats and moves deftly between helping to run the company and assisting clients to execute programs to build their businesses.

Some call him a Cockney rebel — others prefer Special Ops. John enjoys nothing better than a tough challenge; from heat-activated ink fabrication, to hundred-permutation ROI projections, he won't stop till he's solved it, and saved clients thousands of dollars in the process… while smiling smugly at his success. That's also his standard reaction to a win from his favorite English Football Club, Tottenham, but we find it best not to go there.

Don’t be misled, though. Demanding as he is, our resident Graham Norton has a wicked dry wit and is a gentle father of four. And of course we can’t forget John’s newest member of the family, of the four-legged variety, Charlie. This solidly built, mild-mannered rescued Lab never stops wagging his tail… unless he’s napping in John’s office of course.

John Snook