David Brown - VP, Information Services

David Brown was born on a beautiful spring day with a big smile, a full head of hair, and apparently, a very active brain. By 10 months, the miniature genius who would one day be Vice President of IT at SMS was walking and talking… and rumor has it, uttering his first words: “Where’s my PC?” Or maybe it was “Where’s my MAC?” All these years later, he still can’t quite make up his mind on that topic.

But either way, he was clearly meant for the tech business and dived head first into the IT trenches as soon as he could. He developed everything from hotel and gaming systems for the Howard Hughes organization to web-based business applications designed to support the enterprise market. He also designed custom fulfillment software and even created a system that can save tens of thousands of dollars for companies with large shipping quotas. Essentially, his neurons are always firing, and that’s exactly what SMS wanted in their Chief Technologist. His responsibilities include overall planning, budgeting, organizing and execution of all IT functions to meet clients’ vast requirements. It’s a job fit for an Einstein—and David is exactly that, but with much better hair.

When home, David loves to spend time with his wife and three great kids, possibly viewing one of his 1,400 DVDs (a lovable eccentricity for an IT guy), trawling online for the latest gadgets and technology headlines or debating once again, to anyone who will listen, whether he’s a PC or a Mac guy.

David Brown