Ania Blazejczyk - Sr. Graphic Designer

It’s not every day that you come across a naturally born creative mastermind, but when we were looking for a creative to join our SMS team, the stars aligned and we found exactly that with Ania. With more than 14 years of experience in the field, she is our resident expert at visual concepting, design development and execution, consistently bringing fresh ideas to the table using the most cutting edge trends and techniques as inspiration. From marketing campaigns and new media launches to innovative print pieces, Ania produces impactful, memorable design that communicates as clearly as words. If we have to call out a few of her specialties, we’d say she’s particularly brilliant with brochures and catalogs, logos and emails, billboards and signage, dimensional package design and innovative structural packaging applications. Plus, since she’s a major photography nerd, she’s also incredible with conceptual set development, photo shoot location staging and digital photo manipulation. As we said before, “creative mastermind.”

Ania’s fast-paced energy and gregarious nature are two of her other greatest assets, which we imagine come in handy at home with her purely left-brained Engineer husband and two adorable, identical twin daughters. In her own words, she “embraces a creative approach to life,” balancing her work and family with a mass of interests that range from cooking and home decorating to fashion and DIY projects. If we could bottle Ania’s zip and zing, we definitely would. But until then, we’ll settle for her staggering amount of talent.

Ania Blazeczyk