Social Media Marketing

Initially, the web was a one-way information delivery network. Social media has opened up this channel to two-way conversation. Lead generation, branding, consumer engagement, positive PR, reputation control, and driving traffic are the goals of a successful social media marketing campaign. And these goals are completely obtainable when you have a strategy behind your social techniques. At SMS, social strategy is one of our core competencies of digital marketing.

The problem with most companies’ utilization of social media is that they skip the strategy building process. They simply know they need to be tweeting and have a Facebook fan page, so they create one, with no real strategy in place. You have a community of relevant users in place, but now what? SMS can help you monetize your communities over time, and help to position your company as the authority within your industry and edge out competitors. By communicating with social sphere key influencers, we are able to create brand evangelists that transcend online mediums and incite conversations and conversions that continue offline.

What does this mean for your company?

By not appearing in these social networks, not only are you missing out on influencing your core target demographic, but you are allowing your competition to control the "bulkhead." We have seen a shift over the past 5 years, as it used to be that consumers went directly to the search engines to research products and services. Nowadays, people are spending their discretionary time on websites like Facebook and Twitter, and are being influenced by the content promoted there by companies, as well as their networks of peers.

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