Paid Search Management

Due to the time investment required for a successful SEO campaign, it is sometimes not a viable option for companies looking to hit the ground running with their digital marketing campaigns. We can supplement this lag-time by driving traffic to your site immediately through a tandem paid search campaign.

Paid search refers to buying your way to the top of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) for specific keywords within their "sponsored" listings. PPC, or pay-per-click management, is an around-the-clock task that requires a qualified manager who understands the complex bidding algorithms associated with each search engine. The benchmark with PPC, since we are paying for the traffic to the site, is ultimately how well the traffic converts.

What does this mean for your company?

Almost anyone can throw money into a paid search account, get traffic to their website, and inefficiently blow through their monthly budget. The road map to a successful PPC campaign is multi-faceted. It begins with bidding on the right keywords, targeting the campaign appropriately (geo-targeting), excluding irrelevant keywords (negative keywords), and applying the correct bidding strategy. With these elements in place, SMS then considers the destination or landing page we are taking customers to. Does the website have the appropriate messaging and engaging calls to action? Are we leading the end user down the narrow path we wish them to follow to the goal of the website? The success of these campaigns comes from the experience of those managing the campaign, and SMS has experience.

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