Marketing Operations and Support

How’s your back end? Your roll-out went swimmingly. Your website looks gorgeous. Your trade show is booked. But when the requests come in, or the VARs need sales materials, or the pesky winners want their prizes, what then? As part of SMS’ holistic marketing integration, our massive, fully-automated Ops Support facility hums 24/7 to link front end campaigns to seamless back end support.

Marketing Operations covers the make-or-break essentials you may not think about (or may not want to). Customized solutions like logistics management, order fulfillment, collateral and e-commerce distribution, events automation, print-on-demand, POP assembly, and pick ‘n pack. We’ll even report on program usage. It’s the missing link that’s no longer missing. And yes, we really do have all these services on site.

Marketing Support and Operations

SMS App Delivers Deliverables

Strategy, creative, and production get the marketing initiative going on the front end. But once the deliverables are produced, the back-end headaches need solving. Materials need to get from point A to point B. Or B, C, D and E – on time, in order, and properly prepped. Learn how the SMS “Powertrain Platform” automates event and field logistics. More