Digital Marketing

At SMS, we believe that effective digital marketing starts with a sophisticated strategy and that, as with all of our marketing solutions, your strategy should have an integrated approach. No one service is the “silver bullet” solution, but rather that combining all facets, depending on your specific marketing goals, leads to well-rounded and successful campaigns that fit in with your overarching marketing goals.

The shift in the way today’s buyers research and purchase products provides companies like yours a powerful way to reach their target audience more precisely, by location and demographics, receive impression and conversion data in real time, and measure ROI more accurately than ever before. With the growing competitiveness of the internet as a marketing medium and the power of available tools, it is vital that your company have online visibility and dominate your online niche.

By working with SMS, you can make your website more than an aesthetically pleasing business card; we can help you turn it into your number-one sales person, marketing your products and services to your target audience globally, around the clock.

Effective digital marketing isn’t just about programming or design; it’s about finding your target audience and meeting them where they already spend their online time and making yourself visible to those already looking for your products and services. With roots in direct marketing, the team at SMS understands why it is important to develop strong, cohesive brand messaging as well as keeping your core demographic at the heart of your digital marketing initiatives. Organic search visibility, developing targeted paid search ads that convert, building and monetizing online communities, running aggressive display ad campaigns, and managing your online reputation are all methods that you need to be engaging in, in order to influence and remain at the forefront of your consumers’ minds. Let SMS get you on the right track to business growth today.

Social Launch for new Seneca Snack

With a sound strategy in place, social media can be used as a great tool to achieve many marketing goals. Learn how SMS engaged Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and created a blog to launch Seneca Foods Crisp Onions and generate awareness and drive demand for the product. More