Landing Page Creation and Optimization (LPO)

Landing pages serve as destination points for users once they have clicked on a display or paid search ad. The purpose of a landing page is to quickly and concisely relay your key messages, while engaging the user to take some sort of action; whether that be picking up the phone, submitting an online inquiry, or making an online purchase.

There is a specific chemistry required when creating compelling landing pages. Necessary elements include appropriate calls to action, indicators of quality and trust, content that appeases the search engines, as well as properly formatted content that is easily digested by your end user. It is also important that the landing page carry a look, a feel, and messaging that are consistent with the display ad they clicked on.

What does this mean for your company?

If traffic is being "purchased," we want to make sure we are making every effort to guide the users to the most conversion-friendly destination possible. The landing page is really your "home base" for these types of campaigns. Allowing an experienced firm that has been building landing pages for years, and know what "tricks" and verbiage work to increase your conversion rate, provides you with access to knowledgeable professionals with superior design and copywriting skills.

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