Display Advertising and Retargeting

Achieving a company’s digital marketing initiatives can sometimes require an extremely aggressive advertising approach. With display advertising, SMS manages relationships with large ad networks that control banner advertising on highly trafficked, mainstream websites. We also explore advertising relationships directly with industry-specific and topical websites that maintain a certain traffic threshold. We have relationships with top websites across multiple verticals, and understand which sites are best fit for display advertising to reach your target demographic.

In tandem with display advertising, we often recommend the use of a technology called retargeting. Retargeting is a behavioral targeting service that utilizes a tracking “cookie” that is placed on a user’s computer when they visit your site. If the individual decides to leave your site without taking further action, upon visiting other major websites within that network, instead of seeing the traditional ads on the site, they see display ads for your company. Your company’s ads essentially “follow” the user around the internet. You are only charged when the end-user clicks on your display ad to be recaptured, and brought back to your website for a second time.

What does this mean for your company?

With proper execution, you can achieve high volume of impressions on relevant websites, primarily on a CPM basis. This method can be highly targeted to your core demographic based upon the unique visitor demographics of the site. With retargeting, you only pay when you recapture a lost lead, so it is an extremely cost effective way to drive your audience back to the site; and you don’t pay for retargeting impressions, only clicks.

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