Creative Case Study: LG Mobile


LG Mobile enjoys substantial market share due to its quality product and strong retailer relationships. They sought to leverage this foundation to further increase purchase recommendations and sell-through. Given the saturated market, they knew they needed serious clutter-cutting. In partnership with SMS, they established a marketing program to retail executives to onboard them to each new product and highlight its key features, such as the Vu phone’s touch-screen capability.


  • Build an “anticipation campaign” by intrinsically tying intrigue, interaction and excellent swag to each new LG product launch, in the form of wow-factor Launch Kits sent to retail executives.
  • For the Vu, SMS created the kit using touch-responsive, heat-sensitive thermal ink – highly interactive as well as intuitively tied to the touch-screen phone.
  • Appeal to exclusivity by sending the Executive Launch Kits prior to general market launch.


  • Across the board positive feedback via executive testimonials.
  • Long-lasting interactivity and top-of-desk shelf life.
  • Great P.R.
  • High awareness of both product and features.
  • Increased sales.