Lead Gen Case Study: Kaiser Permanente


As a leading integrated health maintenance organization, Kaiser Permanente is both a medical provider and payer. Keeping members “thriving” is embedded in their business model, with relationship management at the crux of that goal. As their CRM agency of record, Kaiser Permanente tapped SMS to help increase member and employee enrollment in education and behavior modification programs. Lifestyle change is traditionally a high-cost, low-success rate challenge – but the long-term value of improved health is beyond monetary.


  • Develop a multi-part CRM campaign to generate demand and ongoing interest in specific wellness and healthy lifestyle programs.
  • Include a “structured motivational system” that promotes pull-through by offering high-value incentives (gift certificates) at key milestones: upon initial enrollment; mid-way through the program; and upon program completion.
  • Create attractive, on-brand collateral with variable content to audience segments as well as to unique individuals.
  • Employ emotional triggers and benefit statements in content.


  • Campaign generated enrollment across the board in all programs that were promoted.
  • Documented 2% response, considered successful relative to control.
  • Estimated lifetime value (in reduced long-term medical care) far exceeded program cost.
  • Additional key performance indicators not available due to health information privacy regulations.