Web Case Study: LG Mobile


LG’s marketing department works with a number of partners (e.g. creative agencies, packaging suppliers, carriers) and needed an easy way to manage the distribution of its marketing assets, such as product images and lifestyle photography. However, keeping images of yet to be released products under wraps prior to launch is critically important to maintaining the buzz surrounding new products.


SMS customized our Digital Asset Library, a proprietary web application that serves as a centralized location for customers’ marketing assets, to meet the expanded needs of LG. The online system functions like a typical shopping site, allowing authorized users, both internal and external, to browse images and other electronic assets and then add them to a shopping cart. Upon checkout, they simply complete an asset request form, which is submitted to the site administrator for approval prior to release. Upon approval the requestor is sent a link to access the requested assets.

In addition to being easy to use, the asset library has varying levels of security and is highly customizable:

  • Logins automatically deactivate after a certain period of inactivity and can only be reactivated by system administrators.
  • Varying levels of accessibility can be granted at the user level, providing the ability to restrict access at the asset level.
  • Visible watermarks unique to each set of users are built into images to deter unauthorized release.
  • Should an unauthorized release occur, SMS’ technology allows the tracking of the assets back to the individual a specific image was released to.


  • Centralized repository of marketing assets, enabling quicker turnaround times on initiatives.
  • Enhanced asset security providing a decreased likelihood of product images being released prior to launch.
  • Increased productivity on collaborative projects between LG and its partners.