Marketing Support and Operations Case Study:
LG Mobile


LG participates in several large trade shows each year, bringing in staff from locations around the globe. Handling hotel reservations, meeting room scheduling catering requests – and the constant changes that go along with them – had become a cumbersome task. LG’s needs had clearly outgrown the existing project management methodology, which consisted of multiple spreadsheets and a very harried administrator.


  • Develop customized web platform to simplify and centralize attendee needs, including hotel reservations, event and function registrations, and shift scheduling.
  • Produce meeting room scheduling app to check availability, select room configuration, and request equipment and catering.
  • Develop trade show booth management module to handle orders for display furnishings, equipment, print collateral, and promo materials. SMS stores, ships, re-stocks, and even cleans décor, and provides automated inventory management with low point triggers.
  • Create a rules-based approval system to automate all requests based on pre-programmed routing and notification logic.
  • Build dashboard-style entry page to events management platform, providing conference attendees with quick, intuitive links to relevant show, lodging, and function information; uploaded event guides and other materials; RSS feeds; and even weather reports (as well as the registration options).
  • Include e-commerce capabilities to handle payments.


  • LG achieved reduction of 1.0 FTE during trade show season.
  • Centralized portal for communications to all LG trade show attendees.
  • Unmeasurable increases in efficiency, and immeasurable decreases in headaches.