Web Case Study: Adobe


Introduce Adobe’s PDF Workflow product and demonstrate complicated new product features in a simple manner. This training video will be utilized for Adobe’s OEM partners and across the vertical sales spectrum, and must allow for partner co-branding. Position and promote the product as Adobe’s “next generation,” leveraging Adobe’s top of class positioning in the space.


  • Develop a video using Flash animation to achieve client objectives.
  • Create high-interest opening sequence to draw immediate attention.
  • Review and distill key points from extensive existing print materials (sales guides, brochures, white papers) and slide decks, and distill into a simplified, step-based demonstration script.
  • Use animation, graphics and rich media (voiceover, music, sound effects) in a straightforward manner, putting function over form to achieve task-oriented goals without distracting embellishments.
  • Allow for positioning of OEM logos and ID including customized opening and closing sequences, plus per-frame open-space allowances.
  • Ensure ADA compatibility, including close captioning.


  • Product launched successfully with low inquiry rate on feature usage.